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    ARBOR DAY 2012


    2012 GROUP

    This Amazing Group of  Explorers said their  farewell  To One of  AFD Finest.

    Firefighter Juan S. just started working with the Explorers when his  Unit was activated

    to serve our Great Military, He is currently serving a 9 month tour in Afghanistan

    Juan S. keep your head down low and be safe... We will miss you.....



    2011 GROUP



                                            Back Row (right to Left)- Keegan S. Nick C. Kyle S. Ora B. Brandon W. Josh M. Joey O. Andrew L.

                                            Front Row- Hunter B. Josh S. Daisy O. Misty M. Alexis P. Richey B.

    The Adams Explorer Post would like to say thank you to the Cranberry Lake Fire Department. People took time out of their schedule and showed us what a great Fire Station and Equipment they had. This is a little thanks for all you did for us.























    We are a small Explorer post that is associated with the Adams Fire Department.
    We have kids from surrounding areas.
    We also work with some surrounding Fire Departments. We fund ourselves by helping other Fire Departments or we do our own fundraisers, so we are able to go places or do things the kids like to do.

    They work hard at everything they do.
    Adams Explorers have several tasks. Some are simple and some are hard,
    but no matter how easy or how hard the task is they do this together and as a team.
    They learn the fundamentals of firefighting and also what jobs are to be done on the scene of a fire.
    They also build up the endurance and their knowledge of firefighting equipment,
    but the biggest thing they learn is how important it is to work together as a team and always the top objective they learn is

    Safety, Safety, Safety, at whatever the task may be......